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Grenze Gotisch font

  • Cyrillic support:No
  • Latin support:Yes
Пример начертания шрифта Grenze Gotisch
  • 30.10.2020
  • 1 282
  • 0
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About font:

  • Version:Version 1.001
  • Trademark:Grenze Gotisch is a trademark of Omnibus-Type.
  • Company:Omnibus-Type
  • Designer:Renata Polastri
  • Shord description:Grenze Gotisch: a peculiar version of Grenze, now presenting Blackletter uppercase letters and little dramatic details in certain lowercase letters, which intensify its expressive burden.
  • URL:www.omnibus-type.com
  • License:This Font Software is licensed under the SIL Open Font License, Version 1.1. This license is available with a FAQ at: http://scripts.sil.org/OFL
  • License URL:http://scripts.sil.org/OFL

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How to intall the font in: Windows, MacOS, Linux, Photoshop
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