Recoleta font

  • Cyrillic support:No
  • Latin support:Yes
Пример начертания шрифта RecoletaПример начертания шрифта RecoletaПример начертания шрифта Recoleta
  • 21.10.2018
  • 58 976
  • 12
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Recoleta Thin
Recoleta Light
Recoleta Regular
Recoleta Medium
Recoleta Semibold
Recoleta Bold
Recoleta Black
Recoleta Alt Thin
Recoleta Alt Light
Recoleta Alt Regular
Recoleta Alt Medium
Recoleta Alt Semibold
Recoleta Alt Bold
Recoleta Alt Black
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How to intall the font in: Windows, MacOS, Linux, Photoshop


claudia от 24 January 2019 15:24

i really love it!

fsdfs от 4 February 2019 11:01

good font i love it, thanks!

bob от 4 February 2019 20:12

Love it, thanks!

Candido Vidal C от 9 February 2019 13:58

Love it really much. Thanks for sharing

sarah patrick от 13 February 2019 21:40

great font - thank you

eric от 22 April 2019 20:40

great this is fantastic exactly what i needed

MAhmoud от 24 April 2019 09:36

thanx thanx thanx

Geoffrey Ebenezer от 27 December 2019 10:43

Dlsn от 29 May 2020 18:50

Uoww!!! Thaaaaanks, saved!!!

Mahomed Altaf Omar от 7 June 2020 00:34

Great. Thank you.

Jason от 15 October 2020 23:35

I want this font/.

ff от 22 December 2020 04:31

Saved! hanx thanx
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